Monday, May 30, 2011

JavaScript, Functional Programming & UML?

I come from a Java background. As I have been learning JavaScript through my naked server experiment I find myself wondering more and more if "traditional" Object Orientation is the right approach to JavaScript. I now agree: JavaScript is the most widely deployed functional language.

When doing Java development we often share our thoughts via simple UML diagrams. They offer a nice visual way to share concepts and discuss ideas. They allow us to abstract the underlying complexity of implementation away. In short, to a Java developer, UML can be jolly useful.

But now I find myself wondering how I can use UML to describe any functional JavaScript that I might write. As a set of utility classes, perhaps? Regardless, it would seem that I am not alone.

In fact the kingdom of nouns extends far further than the shores of Java. It would seem that at some stage the software industry did truly believe the religious  decree that procedural programming was bad...

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